December 20, 2019

Milbank’s ProjectsPlus: Stay Ahead of the Curve on the Latest Developments in Project Finance


Milbank LLP has published the Fall 2019 issue of ProjectsPlus, the firm’s project, energy and infrastructure finance magazine. The latest issue takes a comprehensive look at the rapidly changing world of project finance, and global trends across multiple sectors.

Allan Marks, partner in Milbank’s Project, Energy and Infrastructure Finance group, who edited the new issue of ProjectsPlus, noted: “What’s so interesting is how rapidly the practice of project finance has evolved. But some of the basic fundamentals have not.” He also noted in a Q&A interview featured in the issue, “Another big change over the last 40 years is the evolution of capital markets, which are much more liquid. The debt used for these projects used to come principally from commercial banks, essentially from Japan or from Europe. But we’re seeing this shift, both domestically and internationally, where infrastructure funds, private equity and debt funds, and direct institutional investors, like insurance companies or pension funds, are playing a much bigger role.”

The issue includes a wide range of articles; click each headline below to read them:

Dan Bartfeld, partner and practice group leader of Milbank’s Global Project, Energy & Infrastructure Finance Group, said: “Our team’s diverse range of activity this year, combined with our institutional and industry-specific knowledge, give us unique and unparalleled insight into the issues, themes, and challenges within the global project finance sector. We have distilled this expertise into the ProjectsPlus newsletter.”

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Click below to read the Fall 2019 issue of ProjectPlus.