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Decades ago, we recognized the value of promoting a variety of voices—we were one of the first major firms to establish a Diversity Committee, in 1992. We were also the first NYC law firm to offer same-sex health benefits.

We believe that a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, cultures, ethnicities, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientation and ages bring perspectives that benefit our attorneys and our clients.

Affinity Groups

Building community

For over a decade, our affinity groups have offered gathering spaces and resources for lawyers of diverse backgrounds at Milbank, providing a forum for our lawyers, clients and experts to exchange ideas on increasing diversity in our profession, offer success stories, and challenge our assumptions.  


Let’s team up

Like us, our clients value diversity and often have innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to share. We always seek ways to collaborate with clients to achieve common goals, through mentoring/sponsorship programs, pro bono clinics, speaker series events, and more. 

Professional development and recruiting

Careers, connected

Recognizing that strong professional development and network-building opportunities create connections and learning moments that are critical to career advancement, we help foster these connections for minority, LGBT and other diverse lawyers. In our recruiting efforts, we offer mock interviews, information sessions and informal guidance, supported by our affinity groups.