With more than three decades of experience and well over 100 published decisions, we’ve handled and tried more mutual fund litigation than any law firm in the US. Chambers describes us as “one of the leading mutual fund law firms” in the US. Lawdragon says we’re the “master of mutual fund and securities class actions.”

Our standout team leverages their deep understanding of the laws that govern the securities industry to litigate claims involving a full range of mutual funds, separate accounts, commingled pools, hedge funds and other investment products.

Unmatched experience—our attorneys tried four of the seven excessive fee suits to ever go to trial, including the seminal case of Gartenberg v. Merrill Lynch.

Precedent-setting―we recently prevailed in a high-profile $550 million “excessive mutual fund fee” trial with industry-wide implications.

Decisive dismissals—we convinced plaintiffs in over 20 cases to dismiss their complaints without settlement recovery or payment of fees.

Preeminent authorities—our group members co-authored a chapter of Defending Securities Class Actions, a definitive treatise, and issue an annual review of mutual fund litigation cases reshaping the legal landscape for the fund industry.