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Milbank has long-standing relationships with the top law schools in the US. Every year we actively recruit for our summer program and first-year associate positions at over 30 schools, participating in on-campus interviews and other recruiting events.

Applications from all qualified law students are encouraged, even if we aren’t visiting your school. Apply now.

Summer Associate Program

Dive into Milbank

You’ve come to Milbank to learn, be challenged and work alongside incredible people. You won’t be disappointed.

For 10 weeks, summer associates are essential members of our litigation and transactional teams. As you rotate through three practice areas, you’ll complete work comparable to junior associates—taking detailed notes on client calls, drafting documents for key deals, or preparing for and observing depositions.

It’s work that matters, advancing our cases and your professional development.

And we know building a professional network is critical to growing your career. Social events throughout the summer are fun and engaging ways to get to know your peers while exploring the city. You’ll leave the program with new connections certain to be valuable throughout your career.

How much can you pack into 10 weeks?

Week 1
  • Welcome to Day One

    Experiencing life as a Milbank associate

    First things first: meet with your mentor. Set goals for the summer and discuss your career ambitions.

  • Begin your first of three rotations

    Only 10 weeks and so much to absorb! Corporate, litigation and transactional rotations will give you a robust taste of what life is like at Milbank.

  • An invaluable network of peers

    Events with small groups of partners and summer associates, like private museum tours and boat rides (to Catalina or Red Hook!) help you connect with those both inside and outside your practice group

  • 4th Windstar training

    What it means to be a public company and corporate governance.

    We’re going public! You’ve completed Windstar’s IPO, now you and the team will discover what it takes to balance the interests of your stakeholders.

  • Mid-summer review

    Dedicated to your success

    Discuss your progress and areas for growth with a hiring partner at your mid-year review.

  • Pro bono

    “Milbank’s participation in the pro bono Courtroom Advocacy Project allowed me to help victims of domestic violence. In one day, I met the client, wrote a petition, appeared in Family Court, and obtained an order of protection that would help her and her young child remain safe from further abuse.”

  • Lunch and learns

    Studying for the bar

    Learn how to conquer the biggest test of your career from the smartest lawyers in the field.

Week 10

You, amplified

We supplement real-world experience with thorough trainings, informative lunch-and-learns and meaningful mentor relationships. You’ll depart the program with new and sharpened skills that will position you for success. 

In-depth trainings

Throughout the summer you’ll attend an intensive eight-session training that prepares you with a deeper understanding of our practice areas, client needs and how we serve them. The sessions examine a hypothetical company, Windstar. They include:

  • An exploration of each key legal step from inception of Windstar to bankruptcy and then restructuring
  • Both in-session activities and post-class assignments ranging from commitment letters to an IPO prospectus
  • Acting as Board of Directors to provide counsel and vote on major decisions 


Weekly lunch-and-learns provide additional information about Milbank and practicing the law from experts both within the firm and from external legal groups. Topics include an in-depth look at the business of law firms, tips for acing the Bar Exam, and a state of the firm by our Chairman.


With actionable and ongoing support from mentors across the firm, you’ll benefit from tailored guidance that will enhance your professional development. Each summer associate is assigned an associate mentor and a partner mentor to serve as resources and introductions to the practice and culture of the firm. Through your mentors and through our practice group partners and assignment coordinators, you’ll receive constructive feedback on assignments throughout the summer. You’ll also meet with a hiring partner during your mid- and end-of-summer reviews to discuss feedback and development for your future.

Working at Milbank this summer was truly a great experience. My most memorable assignment was attending a week-long trial in the Delaware Court of Chancery. While in the 'war room' with the rest of the trial team, I was able to see first-hand how partners and senior associates prepare expert witnesses, strategize and rehearse their arguments. An aspiring litigator could not ask for a better summer experience.
Life as an Associate

For those who live for the next challenge

Our culture is about team, collaboration and support. It’s also about tenacious drive and getting it done. And Milbank associates are in the thick of it right from the start, working side-by-side with partners on lean cross-practice teams. You’ll jump into complex cases—because we handle nothing else—and as your career progresses, you’ll experience a diverse range of high-caliber and substantive cases.

The world can always use more good, so at Milbank, we don’t cap pro bono hours. Associates can follow their passions and interests, helping those in need navigate the legal system.

I wanted to have my own witness to cross examine in a reinsurance arbitration hearing, a case I’ve been working on for three years. As the trial wore on, my minor witness emerged as a critical one—I was worried that the partners wouldn’t let me continue. They did.
Benefits at Milbank

Because it’s your life…

Sure, we work hard, and that’s why we prioritize an environment that encourages and supports balance. Lawyers have the flexibility to create work lives that work best with the rest of their lives.

Our policies and programs include: 

  • Full-time/flex-time and reduced hours
  • Working parent career coaching
  • Extended personal leave & re-entry
  • Parental leave following birth or adoption
  • Emergency backup child care
  • Nursing rooms

A firm foundation for growth

To help you develop and mature as an attorney, you’ll receive a partner-mentor for your first four years as an associate. Complementing this mentorship are rich learning opportunities aimed to jumpstart your development.

  • Explore our transactional practice

    Associates interested in transactional work participate in a rotation program designed to expose them to a broad range of deals, partners and peers, helping them narrow in on the practice where they’d like to make their mark. Associates in this program cycle through three practices, each for a four-month rotation.

  • Immerse yourself in advocacy

    Associates interested in litigation participate in Advocacy@Milbank—a comprehensive, multi-level training program for litigators in their first through sixth years of practice.

  • Expand your career

    As you improve and grow, we’re always there to push you even further. Beginning in your third year, you’ll join colleagues from across the globe in an intensive week-long annual training: Milbank@Harvard. Designed for our mid-and-senior-level associates, this one-of-a kind program offers perspectives you can’t get from law school.