Associate Development

As Milbank lawyers, we dive in, test our limits, and expand our knowledge—every day.

Training at Milbank

From theory into practice

We teach you what law school doesn’t. From the moment you arrive and over the course of your career, Milbank provides several complementary levels of professional development. Macro-level programs establish a common foundation for all litigation and transactional groups; these run parallel with micro-level trainings which provide practice area specific knowledge. And as you progress, we make sure you’re adding key professional skills to your tool kit, from client relations and business development to negotiation, leadership and management.

Milbank prepares you for the next big thing in your career by offering best-in-class training needed to succeed at the very highest level. Through groundbreaking programs like Milbank@Harvard, you will develop a real-world understanding of the nexus of business and law.
Transactional Rotation Program

Explore and decide

Our rotation program for transactional associates offers a unique opportunity to explore our practices and gain valuable experience with a range of deals—and make lasting connections that will help you in your career.

During your first 12 months as a transactional associate in New York, you’ll rotate through three of our seven transactional groups for four months at a time. This rotation will help you make more informed decisions about the practice you wish to develop in your career. By working with a number of partners and peers, you also fully participate in—and contribute to—our cross-practice, team-oriented culture.

Transactional associates attend an intensive core training series that includes a multi-session, hands-on drafting workshop and other interactive classes. You and your partner mentor will discuss your goals and progress throughout all three rotations.

Practices include: 

  • Alternative Investments
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate
  • Leveraged Finance
  • Project, Energy and Infrastructure Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation and Space

Learn by doing

Advocacy@Milbank is our comprehensive, multi-level training program for litigators. Beginning in your first year, through your sixth year of practice, you’ll participate in a series of hands-on, interactive workshops. These “learn by doing” programs, along with an intensive, tiered writing program, will help you build the advocacy and communication skills essential to becoming a highly-effective litigator.

As part of the program, our pro bono criminal appeals initiative connects you with seasoned partners and peers on actual cases, where you’ll gain experience in drafting arguments and more.

Advocacy@Milbank Core Skills

  • Hands-on Workshops
    • Evidence – 1st year
    • Deposition Skills – 2nd year
    • Oral Argument – 3rd year
    • Trial Skills – 5th year
    • Expert Depositions – 6th year
  • Tiered Writing Program
    • One-on-One Writing Coaching – offered every other month to all associates
    • Writing for Litigators: Pleadings, Motions & Discovery – 1st year
    • Advanced Persuasive Writing I, II, III & IV – 2nd - 5th years
  • Presentation Skills – private and semi-private sessions offered quarterly to all associates
  • Pro Bono Criminal Appeals: Appellate Defenders Program

Unparalleled experience

Our one-of-a kind training program, produced in collaboration with Harvard’s Business and Law schools, begins at the end of your third year.

For a week every 12-15 months, you and your class peers from around the world will spend time in intensive training with Harvard professors and our partners in Cambridge. Milbank@Harvard includes highly interactive courses on finance and accounting, leadership and team management, strategy, marketing, negotiations and macroeconomics—all designed to help you hone the skills and expertise that sophisticated clients value in their legal advisors. Aside from these skills, you’ll strengthen relationships with your colleagues that will benefit you professionally and personally for years to come.