August 2019

Space Business Review August 2019


On August 20, Avanti Communications Group plc (Avanti) announced that it will seek shareholder approval to de-list from the London Stock Exchange citing concerns that the listing consumes significant management and financial resources without offering sufficient liquidity. On August 23, Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited (AsiaSat) announced that shareholders controlling 99.8% of its shares that are not owned by CITIC Group Corporation Ltd. (CITIC) or The Carlyle Group (Carlyle), the company’s majority shareholders, voted to de-list from the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The decision follows an offer made in June by CITIC and Carlyle, which control 74.65% of AsiaSat’s shares, to acquire the balance of the company’s equity for 1.022b Hong Kong dollars ($130.8m).

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