April 3, 2019

Experienced Securities, High Yield Lawyer Joji Ozawa Joins Milbank’s Capital Markets Team in London


Milbank LLP is pleased to announce the hiring of experienced US securities lawyer and high yield specialist Joji Ozawa. Mr. Ozawa is a seasoned and experienced securities and high yield lawyer who practiced in London, Singapore, Tokyo and New York for many years.

Mr. Ozawa has joined and is special counsel, and will be the 22nd lawyer joining the firm’s growing Capital Markets team in London in the last 12 months.

London Capital Markets partner Apostolos Gkoutzinis remarked: “I am delighted to welcome Joji as a colleague again. We practiced together for many years as part of a successful team and I believe that he is one of the most thoughtful and talented lawyers I have worked with. I am just very glad that we are attracting some of the most exciting and talented lawyers in the European high-yield market. The senior team now includes myself, my partners Rebecca Marques and Tim Peterson, and special counsels Ana Grbec, Randy Nahle, Joji Ozawa, and Trevor Truman, who collectively form a very experienced team, supported by a large number of associates. It is great we have managed to put the team together and we look forward to serving our clients in this market.”