Judicial Clerks and Laterals

Milbank is always interested in talented attorneys with experience and drive. We look for client-focused lawyers from all backgrounds who are seeking a platform to expand their careers.

Judicial clerks

Beyond the bench

Post-clerkship, your time at Milbank will be unlike that at any other major firm. Many of our current partners, counsel and associates began their careers clerking for federal or state judges, and we value this irreplaceable insight and experience. 


Our investment in you

It starts from the moment you arrive and throughout your career – a commitment by us to build your knowledge and skills, nurturing the growth of your practice.

Teaming up with one of the world’s most distinguished academic institutions, Milbank@Harvard gives our lawyers an extensive understanding of business and finance.

Defying expectations

Built for excellence

A career that pushes you harder than you’ve been pushed before, but also inspires and excites you, daily. It’s what people dream of. At Milbank, it’s what we’ve come to expect. 

You’ll work on lean teams, built for agility and results. We’re a collaborative culture where hard work is expected, support is commonplace and a balanced life is respected.

We’re always looking for talented attorneys who are driven by the challenge, and eager for the next one. From mid-level to senior attorneys, Milbank is where you can take your career to the next level (and the next, after that).


Because it’s your life…

Sure, we work hard, and that’s why we prioritize an environment that encourages and supports balance. Lawyers have the flexibility to create work lives that work best with the rest of their lives.

Our policies and programs include: 

  • Full-time/flex-time and reduced hours
  • Working parent career coaching
  • Extended personal leave & re-entry
  • Parental leave following birth or adoption
  • Emergency backup child care
  • Nursing rooms