November 6, 2020

John Lu and Mollie Galchus Author Chapter in Getting the Deal Through: Trade Secrets


Intellectual Property partner John Lu and Litigation and Arbitration associate Mollie Galchus co-authored the US chapter for Getting the Deal Through’s Trade Secrets guide, which explores trade secrets issues across multiple jurisdictions, including China, Japan, Taiwan and the US. The guide covers topics such as establishing secrecy, misappropriation, the scope of protection, injunctions, damages and remedies and confidentiality during litigation.

After establishing the definition of trade secrets as described in the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA), Mr. Lu and Ms. Galchus discussed:

  • Procedural considerations for enforcement proceedings
  • Rules and standards governing the admissibility of expert evidence
  • Best practices for rights holders who seek to ensure maximum protection of their trade secrets
  • Civil, criminal and administrative remedies for trade-secret misappropriation
  • The past year’s regulatory and policy developments in relation to the protection and enforcement of trade secrets, including Supreme Court decisions and updates from the US Department of Justice
  • Prospects for future developments

Please click here to read the US chapter for Getting the Deal Through: Trade Secrets.