May 26, 2021

Project Finance Partner Allan Marks Moderated Panel at The P3 Water Summit


Milbank Global Project, Energy and Infrastructure Finance partner Allan Marks moderated the panel “P3 Water Projects: Where is the Opportunity for the Private Sector?” at the 2021 P3 Water Summit.

Allan and the other speakers on the panel from VICO, Goldman Sachs and WSP discussed the following topics:

  • How can the public sector utilize P3s as a delivery mechanism for water and wastewater projects?
  • What is the future of private water investment in the marketplace and how important are creativity and entrepreneurialism?
  • What industry improvements are needed to more efficiently support deal flow and risk transfer?

The summit took place April 21 - April 23, 2021 and explored innovative approaches to water projects, focusing on drinking water, green infrastructure, wastewater, sanitation, stormwater, resiliency, and sustainability.