April 27, 2020

Nicholas Smith and Ryan McKenney of Milbank Author “What To Expect In The Emerging Age Of Quantum Computing” for Law360


Milbank LLP Technology & Sourcing Partner Nicholas Smith and Litigation associate Ryan McKenney authored “What To Expect In The Emerging Age Of Quantum Computing” for Law360. The article provides a primer on quantum computers, which are capable of solving complex equations that classical computer could take thousands of years to solve, and discusses the real-world applications of quantum computing for various industries.

The article notes that quantum computing poses new risks for both lawyers and business leaders. According to experts, quantum computing allows for quantum encryption, which would result in the obsolescence of other forms of encryption. Additionally, quantum computers’ computational power is potentially capable of hacking all current encryption systems, introducing new vulnerabilities into the data systems that protect banking, health care and other vital industries. As a result, lawyers may need to consider how security and service agreements will change in the context of quantum computing and how contracts can be created with clear and enforceable provisions for data protection.

To read more about the cybersecurity risks posed by quantum computing, access the full article.