Milbank@Harvard To Launch This Fall

August 11, 2011

NEW YORK, August 11, 2011 – In February, Milbank and Harvard Law School announced a groundbreaking multi-year training program for Milbank associates. The Milbank@Harvard program, which is scheduled to begin this fall, is intended to prepare associates for every stage of their career and will include courses on business, finance, accounting, economics, negotiations and management and leadership. During four consecutive years, each associate from every Milbank office worldwide will be sent to Cambridge for a seven-day training program, taught on campus by Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School faculty, with the assistance of Milbank partners. Associates begin attending in their third year and come back for a more advanced curriculum through their seventh.

"We are de lighted to initiate this unique program at Harvard Law School." said Mel Immergut, Chairman of Milbank . "We believe that our clients need lawyers who have been trained in both business and law at the highest level, with a real-world practical understanding of the commercial problems that they face."

Through groundbreaking programs like Milbank@Harvard, Milbank strives to provide its clients the highest level of service by providing a real-world understanding of the nexus of business and law, while also growing and developing its attorneys.  In fact, according to the findings of The After the JD Project, which tracks the careers of 4,000 lawyers who passed the bar in 2000, over 60 percent of lawyers with two to seven years into practice “wish [they] had received more business training in law school.” The percentage increases to 74 percent for graduates working in firms of 250+ lawyers and 81 percent for those working in corporate legal departments. 

This multifaceted program is intended to provide Milbank associates with the expertise and skills that every General Counsel expects valued legal advisors to possess. Over its duration, Milbank@Harvard will provide participants with an insightful overview of the key subjects taught in Harvard Business School's executive MBA program.

“In the law-firm model today, most associates who join a firm don’t wind up staying to become partners — that goes without saying,” Scott Edelman, Vice Chairman of Milbank told the Wall Street Journal blog this past May. “We’re investing in them to make them better lawyers while they’re here, but also to prepare them for the outside world.”